Friday, June 17, 2005

Rock praise of things random

Today, Adena heard a song on the radio and decided she needed to go hear Adam Cohen - son of Leonard Cohen - play at the Horseshoe. A swell pub. I said, cool, let's go. No idea who Adam Cohen is.

I'm usually up for random fun.

We got there and they started playing "Eleanor" and I figured out that Adam Cohen is the lead singer of Low Millions, a great young band. He's also much cuter when you're only five feet away.

They were opening for Stabilo, who were able to answer for me the question of "who is that band?" because I always hear "Everybody" and never know who it's by. Also really great.

Two good bands. One random night. We even left with Stabilo posters for the apartment in Boston I don't have yet.

I've missed live music.


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