Monday, March 31, 2008

Ontario hates Jews - it's official

Ontario has had for many decades a policy of educational discrimination - only Catholic schools get government funding, not other religious groups.

Now the human rights commission has decided it's discriminatory for the school to close on Yom Kippur. (Of course, it's not discriminatory to close on Christmas.)

This entire crusade goes to show why tenure is bad. David Noble, a particularly unpleasant person, has tenure. Among his particularly illustrious projects my senior year were a newsletter "exposing" all of York's Zionists (I was honored to make the cut) and a letter to the editor to many newspapers (the Varsity published it) attacking Sean Palter's and my editing of the Excal. (Unlike the current editors, we never had to issue an apology.)

I'm not sure who's the bigger villian: Noble, for causing trouble for anyone who dares to believe in God and the state of Israel, or the Ontario Human Rights Commission, for continuing to treat Jews like second-class citizens.


At 8:47 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: "Ontario hates Jews - it's official"

Perhaps a bit strong, but essentially true. Yet fear not, you are in good company. Ontario also hates Muslims, Sikhs, Hindi, and non-Catholic Christians. None of them enjoy the preferrential treatment showered on Ontario's most esteemed religious minority, the Roman Catholics, in the education sector. And we have a good-Catholic-boy premier to ensure that it stays that way -- defender of the "tradition" of putting Catholics first.

Nevermind that McGuinty's position flies in the face of human rights instruments that are supposed to ensure equality. Nevermind that his position flies in the face of his own professed preference for truly inclusive multicultural schools that children of all backgrounds attend. "Premier", in the case of McGuinty, means prime hypocrite.


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