Sunday, June 28, 2009

Final day in Portugal: Caiscais

Our trip to Caiscais on Thursday reaffirmed what I loved about Portugal, like the prompt and efficient bus and train service and the occasional availability of Ben and Jerry's.

It's a resort town, so we saw touristy shops, sandy beaches and the nicest McDonalds one would ever expect to see. Outside of town were glorious five-star resorts that we walked by on our way to Boca Del Inferno, some particularly impressive cliffs.

I also discovered that my application of sunscreen was not exactly uniform, given that I got a Rudolphesque sunburn on my nose, but the rest of my face was fine.

That night we learned all about sitting in bus stations in random locations in Portugal and Spain in the middle of the night. We started in Lisbon, then switched in Seville and Algeciras, finally disembarking in La Linea on Friday morning. Oddly, I have now passed through Spain twice, but they have yet to stamp my passport.


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