Friday, January 04, 2008

57 people in a living room (sort of) matter

I suppose blogging pundits are all saying that Iowa doesn't matter, and to an extent it is true, but it's nice to know that the position of "Leader of the Free World" isn't one that can easily be purchased.

What I kept hearing from the talking heads on CNN last night is that Romney spent TONS of money. Both Clinton and Romney tried to portray their candidacies as fait accompli, but clearly neither were.

Their spin people keep saying they can still win, but I like what the caucuses say about America. Even if a political machine rolls into town and steamrollers everyone, the people still get to speak, and they will not always be bought.

How nice.


At 8:34 a.m., Anonymous J! said...

Perhaps you should pass this message on to Michael Moore. Despite what he, and his leftist kook-cronies think, not all Americans are mindless robots who don't know the difference between up and down, right and left... as much as he surely wishes they were.


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