Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Next Food Network Star: Who I Love and Who I Tolerate

My current favorite is Lisa Garza, profiled on the "Serious Eats" blog as "love her or hate her".
It's totally true - I was not into her at all in the first episode. She came across as unapproachable and snobby. In the last few episodes, she's totally come to life and shown her fun and vulnerable side. I think her cooking is cool and I would totally watch her on Food Network.

My second choice to win is Kelsey - she's also what I would describe as "a lot of fun". I watch Food Network obsessively, but I am only drawn to shows that don't take themselves too seriously - like Ace of Cakes. I could watch a Kelsey show - maybe not always.

I'm not so into:
1. Adam. He's hip and fun, but he is too much of a goofball for me. Also, I don't watch many shows centered around male hosts.
2. Shane. He's a good cook, but not memorable.
3. Aaron. He's also a good cook, but not so articulate.

As for the people who went home - I'm sad for Jennifer, but I wasn't so impressed with her authority. I could do what she does. Otherwise, I don't miss anybody.

Go Lisa go!


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