Monday, January 26, 2009

Profile of Michael Burstein

Published in the December '08/January '09 issues of Brookline Magazine and its sister publications, Newton Magazine and Metrowest Magazine. Click here to see the entire piece.

Michael Burstein is a writer with a special focus, a profound concern with memory.

Burstein is a typical Brookline resident – well-educated, liberal, and with leisure enough to content himself with a wide spectrum of interests. A physicist by training and educator by practice, Burstein has been a Brookline town meeting member since 2001, a library trustee since 2004, was once a would-be astronaut and has a tendency to burst into song over dinner.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Should I be disturbed that George Bush is in my TIVO?

Today, George Bush gave his farewell address. Someone at Fox thought I should watch it. Or perhaps it was Comcast?

All I know is that the Goerge Bush Farewell Address popped up in my DVR. Ari didn't program it, and I didn't program it.

John Adams may have been obnoxious and disliked, but at least he didn't crash my DVR without an invitation.