Thursday, September 17, 2009

Classroom innovation

It's only accessible to journal subscribers, but I wrote the piece excerpted below in the academic journal Jewish Educational Leadership.
The rocky transition from elementary to middle school presents itself in many ways – some students relish the freedom, the variety of switching classes, and the increased ability to learn independently. For many students, who they are outside of the classroom never becomes a part of who they are as learners. At parent-teacher
conferences, parents have long told me of their children’s love of anime, Broadway musicals, soccer, and scouting. Yet these very same middle school students often sit quietly and dispassionately in Humash class, willing to do the work, but not to invest in their own learning.
"Unraveling Parshanut through Learning Stations" appears in its entirety in Jewish Educational Leadership's Summer 2009 issue (7:3), titled "Activating Learning Through Activating Students".


Monday, September 14, 2009

Jewish Toronto

I wrote the following travel piece, which appears in the most recent issue of Hadassah Magazine:

Downtown Toronto’s massive skyscrapers and bustling streets give way to miles of sleepy suburbs to the north. The Canadian city’s unique flavor is found in its multiculturalism—dozens of languages can be heard on street corners—and it is usually only a short drive from one immigrant enclave to another.

Though many of Toronto’s Jews didn’t arrive in a city that warmly welcomed newcomers, their hard work and influence contributed to making Toronto the ethnic haven—and worldwide capital of business and culture—that it has become.

See here for the rest (click on "current issue", then scroll down until you see my name.)