Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sara´s and Aliza´s trip goals: a review

Sara and I declared the following ten goals for our trip. In no particular order:

1. Avoid getting hit by a car.
In Morocco, where there are no traffic laws, and Gibraltar, where the streets are too narrow, this goal is harder to accomplish than it appears.

2. Avoid being hit by a moped or motorized bicycle.
See above: Really high numbers of small vehicles driven by people who appear to be stunt drivers.

3. Avoid falling off a Moorish castle.
This speaks to my ¨Lisbon, day one¨ post.

4. Avoid being bitten by a macaque monkey.
This, and the one above, were most relevant on the rock of Gibraltar. But avoiding being bitten by a monkey is good advice anywhere.

5. Avoid being grabbed by an unemployed Fassi man.
Sara would like me to point out that for the men to which this applies, grabbing tourists and extracting money is their employment.

6. Avoid being hit by a train.
If you wish to accomplish this objective, advise your travelling companion not to drop her train ticket on the tracks.

7. Avoid getting on the wrong train at 3 a.m.
Like #4, this is good advice any time of day.

8. Avoid being held up in an alleyway by Fassi men with knives.
This is just us being paranoid.

9. Avoid falling in love with, and marrying, a Moroccan man who is only in it for your Green Card.
This was Sara´s grandmother´s contribution to the list. I would like to point out that there was a Berber carpet seller in Chefchaouen who was quite determined to convince Sara to toss this one right off the list.

10. Avoid dying in an otherwise unspecified manner.
This falls into the category of ¨stating the obvious¨.

I am now in Madrid and fully aware that I have not yet blogged the awesomeness that was Marrakech. Sara and I will put up pics and discuss later, but for now, I will just articulate the following two deeply American words: Mission accomplished.



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